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Invisalign in Plainville

Are your teeth marching to the beat of a different drum? When it comes to the growth and development of our mouth, genetics can play a huge role in the straightness of our teeth and alignment of our bite. So can bad oral habits, like clenching your teeth. The highly skilled dentists at Plainville Dental Group would like to get your teeth back on the right track with Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Using the most up to date technology available, they are equipped to design a custom course of treatment to help straighten your teeth and align your bite. If you’re in Plainville CT , Invisalign treatment for your crooked teeth are just a short trip away to Plainville Dental Group.


Plainville CT Invisalign

At any age, a mouth full of metal braces can draw a lot of undesired attention. But in Plainville CT, Invisalign, can be a discrete and even convenient process for straightening your teeth. That’s because Invisalign is clear—meaning virtually invisible (hence the name!)—so no one will have any idea that you are wearing an orthodontic device. And in terms of convenience; well are you in for a treat! Invisalign is removable—think mouth guard—so you can take it off when it’s time to eat, and when it’s time to brush and floss your teeth. Compare that to trying to brush or floss with traditional braces! You also won’t have to worry about metal grating against your skin all day, because Invisalign is made of smooth, medical grade polyurethane resins, custom designed to seamlessly fit inside your mouth.

It’s no wonder why Invisalign has a 96% patient satisfaction rate. If you’re in or near Plainville CT , Invisalign orthodontic treatment provided by Plainville Dental Group is an excellent option for straightening your teeth without all the hassle of traditional braces. Call to make an appointment today!


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