Emergency Dentist in Plainville CT

Plainville CT Emergency Dentist

If you or a loved one has sustained a traumatic injury to the mouth, you’ll need an emergency dentist in Plainville CT for an appointment as immediately as possible. With an established reputation for excellence and many years of experience, the experts at Plainville Dental Group are prepared to help in the event of a dental emergency. Making use of the most sophisticated treatment methods and technology, their state of the art dental facility is equipped to handle all sorts of dental issues.

Emergency Dentist in Plainville CT

Whether you’ve chipped a tooth, cracked a filling, or have a bad toothache, your emergency dentist in Plainville CT has got you covered. Often times, with traumatic injuries, a root canal is required to save the affected tooth. That’s because with traumatic injuries to the teeth, there’s a good chance that the nerve supply, deep inside the tooth has been irreversibly damaged, and must be addressed. If left untreated, infection can develop and spread to the surrounding areas, and may result in the loss of the affected tooth. To prevent this from happening, root canal therapy removes the damaged area, cleans any infection, then seals up the area with a rubber-like stopper. This prevents the reinfection of the tooth later on, by sealing off the access to bacteria. At Plainville Dental Group, their experienced dentists are no strangers to root canal therapy and can provide the necessary treatment to help save your natural tooth. Sometimes toothaches are a result of deep decay, an infection deep inside the root of the tooth, that may also require root canal treatment. But the most common cause of toothaches are cavities, which can typically be treated and restored with a simple filling.

Whatever the nature of your urgent dental situation, your emergency dentist in Plainville CT is there to help. Open Monday through Friday, with later hours on Tuesdays, they’re also on call in the event of a serious injury, and will make every effort to see you as promptly as possible. Call their office below for exceptional quality dental care.


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