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Best Dentist in Plainville

Choosing the best dentist in Plainville,CT for you and your family shouldn’t be challenging. You want a dentist that is highly skilled and experienced in all phases of dentistry, as well as one who takes the time to deliver compassionate and attentive care to each patient they see. Drs. David Edelson and Ingrid Remigino, and the staff at the Plainville Dental Group, offer the most comprehensive range of high quality dental services in an office that is both comfortable and caring.

At Plainville Dental Group, dedicated to providing preventative care for teeth and gum health.  In our practice every patient is fully instructed in a proper oral homecare regimen and receives a thorough professional dental cleaning at the time of their checkup exams. At every check up with your dentist office in Plainville, CT, we carefully evaluate the health of your gums and soft tissue. We also perform a thorough and professional dental cleaning to eliminate any accumulation of dental plaque and tartar that, left untreated, can eventually cause gingivitis. In turn, gingivitis can progress to more advanced stages of periodontal disease. If we determine there are signs of gingivitis or more advanced gum disease, we will pursue the appropriate deeper cleanings and more advanced periodontal care indicated with the goal of arresting any progression.

We are highly trained, skilled and experienced in general, cosmetic, laser, gum disease, periodontics, and dental implant treatments and procedures: remember, choosing the best dentist in Plainville,CT means selecting a practice that takes the time to customize maintenance and treatment plans for each patient. Plainville Dental Group is here to help you stay your healthy best. Make an appointment with us today.


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