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Plainville CT Laser Dentist

Laser Dentist in Plainville

Have you heard about the next generation in dental technology? Laser dentistry, a revolutionary method for treating a wide variety of dental conditions, ranging from tooth decay and gum disease, to whitening and treatments for oral lesions, is one of the foremost technological advances in the modern approach to dentistry. For a top of the line Plainville CT laser dentist that is dedicated to keeping up with the latest improvements in the field for your benefit, contact the office of Plainville Dental Group. Their experienced and highly skilled dentists are committed to providing the utmost quality in care, with the most conservative methods available.

Plainville Laser Dentist

Advanced periodontal disease develops from the buildup of plaque that travels into your gums and hardens. If left untreated, the bacteria contained in plaque spreads, and loss of the tissue of your gums, surrounding bone, and eventually the connective tissue for your teeth can occur. One of the best things you can do to help prevent the development of gum disease is to brush and floss daily. If you have gum disease, it’s critical that you go in for treatment as soon as possible. Offering the state of the art in treatment for gum disease, your Plainville CT laser dentist performs LANAP laser treatment for gum disease, and LAPIP for cases of diseased gums surrounding dental implants. LANAP and LAPIP are the modern alternatives to traditional gum surgery that use an extremely precise laser to vaporize tissue and eliminate infection. LANAP and LAPIP laser treatments both preserve a maximal amount of healthy tissue, resulting in less bleeding, and are associated with faster healing times, when compared to traditional methods.

Whether you require treatment for gum disease in its early or advanced stages, or simply need a cavity to be treated with a minimally invasive, and noiseless procedure, your Plainville CT laser dentist has got you covered. To learn more about how you can stand to benefit from the next generation in dental treatment, call to schedule an appointment with one of the experts at Plainville Dental Group.


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