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06062 Dental Office

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Did you know that gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults? With information like that floating around, it’s not hard to find reasons why seeking treatment for gum disease, and having checkups to test the health of your gums are critical to your oral health. Providing a vital service to the Plainville area, your Connecticut 06062 dental office offers a comprehensive array of periodontal treatments for early to advanced stages of gum disease. At Plainville Dental Group, Dr. Edelson and Dr. Remigino, have built an excellent reputation among their patients for providing gentle, conscientious, and effective dental care.

06062 Dental Office

If you have tell-tale symptoms, or a diagnosis that you have gum disease, vising your Plainville CT 06062 dental office is the first step towards reestablishing your oral health. Providing a range of treatments with some of the most sophisticated methods and technology in the field, at Plainville Dental Group, laser assisted gum surgery (LANAP) is provided, as well as LAPIP for the treatment of gum disease around dental implants; expertly administered deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) are also offered to treat advanced gum disease; they also provide a wide variety or grafting and tissue regeneration options all around the mouth to assist in the successful placement of dental implants. With such advanced treatment options available, Plainville Dental Group is doing some remarkable things to help restore the healthy smiles of gum disease sufferers.

If you have gum disease, there’s a good chance you can benefit from the state-of the-art treatment options being provided at your Plainville CT 06062 dental office. Whether it’s a thorough periodontal exam, a deep cleaning, tissue grafting, or the strategic placement of dental implants to restore lost teeth, the skilled experts at Plainville Dental Group are prepared to do wonders for your oral health. To get started, call their office today at the number listed below.


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