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CEREC in Plainville,CT

Same Day Crowns in Plainville,CT


CEREC in Plainville

Oftentimes, a tooth is in need of rescue. If you’ve got a cracked, chipped, decayed or damaged tooth that can’t be fixed with a simple filling, a CEREC dental crown may be the best way to restore your tooth. A dental crown is typically recommended to reestablish the form and function of teeth that have been structurally compromised by dental disease or injury. Your new crown will once again allow you to chew, speak and smile with confidence. At Plainville Dental Group we are pleased to offer our patients the convenience and satisfaction of CEREC same day crowns. We strive to offer our patients the highest quality leading edge dental services available today. That is why getting CEREC in Plainville,CT is a decision you can smile about.

So why CEREC dental crowns? CEREC crowns are custom milled out of the highest grade dental ceramics in the office on the same day. That means with CEREC in Plainville,CT you can get your crowns in as limited amount of time investment as one visit. For exceptional quality dentists, with the most modern technology to assist in all your dental needs, Plainville Dental Group has been highly recommended, especially for CEREC in Plainville,CT. In our office, we use the most advanced 3D software to make a virtual reconstruction of your teeth, then design the ideal crown for your tooth. The process doesn’t take that long at all—especially compared to the time it takes to get your crowns ordered from a laboratory. And because your CEREC crown is customized to your jaw, bite and mouth, you will benefit from its functionality as well as appearance.

Getting your dental crown in just a single visit will save you more than your tooth; it will save the day (quite literally). So if you have a tooth in need of rescue, don’t put it off. Cut out the extra steps, with CEREC dental crowns, your source for same day crown technology without the hassle or wait. They’re only a short visit away at Plainville Dental Group; your resource for the cutting edge in modern dentistry. Call to make an appointment today.


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