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Plainville CT Gum Grafting

Who can perform Plainville CT gum grafting?

Have you been searching for an excellent dentist in Plainville? At Plainville Dental Group, their experienced team provides a sweeping array of dental services for you and your family. From routine preventive and emergency treatment, to the most advanced restorative, laser, implant, and cosmetic care. Providing advanced periodontal therapy as well as Plainville CT gum grafting along with a number of top solutions for restoring bone tissue, and teeth lost to gum disease, they’ve helped to reestablish the healthy smiles of countless patients. Making use of the most advanced treatment techniques and technology in the field, their professionals provide a distinguished level of diligence and technical skill for the benefit of the Plainville and nearby New Britain communities.

Plainville CT Gum Grafting

Gum tissue recession is a progressive condition, typically resulting from gum disease or brushing your teeth too rigorously. When the gum lines recede, the lower, more vulnerable portions of your teeth become exposed, increasing the risk for a variety of health issues. One of the major concerns about gum recession is that it can make your gums more susceptible to gum disease, as bacteria can migrate from the teeth into the gums more easily than before. Exposed tooth roots also make teeth vulnerable to decay and eventual loss if left untreated. Some of the warning signs of gum recession include sensitive teeth, and teeth that appear longer than is naturally pleasing to the eye. In cases of advanced gum recession, your dentist can help restore gum tissue that has withered away with a careful Plainville CT gum grafting procedure. By taking a small portion of healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth and grafting it to the receded region of the gums, the tissue can be restored relatively simply. You may experience some sensations of sensitivity for a few days afterwards, but your dentist will provide you with post-op instruction for relief.

If you believe you may be a candidate for Plainville CT gum grafting, consider contacting your Plainville dentist for care. For the exceptional quality oral care you and your family deserve, call Plainville Dental Group today.


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