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Plainville CT CEREC

CEREC in Plainville CT

When dental decay, root canals, or cracked fillings come your way, consider the dentist in your area who can create custom crowns in as little as one day. You might have to imagine just what kind of magic seems to lie behind the same-day, completely custom fabrication of dental crowns, carefully matched to the exact shade, shape and proportions of pre-existing teeth, and all at your dentist’s office, no less! At Plainville Dental Group, their dentists are making use of some of the most technologically advanced equipment and techniques for the creation of custom crowns, for the convenience of their patients. Providing Plainville CT CEREC crowns, those necessary restorations for teeth can be milled in-office with the highest dental grade materials.

Plainville CT CEREC

Seeming like magic compared to the  days of multiple visits, temporary corwns, and waiting for laboratory fabrication, what really lies behind Plainville CT CEREC technology is on a comparable level of remarkability! If you’re in need of a crown, a three-dimensional scan is first taken of your mouth, providing your dentist with a digital model of your teeth. From there, your crown is custom designed with the assistance of computer technology and milled right there, in the office, in one appointment. There in the office, state-of-the-art equipment and technology can mill your custom crown from a solid block of the finest dental grade restorative materials. The milling machine follows the digital outline that your dentist has prescribed, unlocking the gateway to a seamless, natural appearing smile. Forgetting the goop of impressions, and saving you the round-trips to the dentist’s office, Plainville CT CEREC is the utmost in modern convenient dental restorations.

If you’re in need a dental crown, consider visiting Plainville Dental Group to reignite the wonder in your dental treatment. Providing a host of dental services for their patients, a Plainville CT CEREC crown may only be what caps off the result of other care. To book a good time to visit their highly skilled dentists, call the number below to find out more.


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